Monday, September 12, 2016

A random thought.

I used to think 'how could two people who used to be together, end something that they began themselves? how could two people used to love each other suddenly became two strangers after a break up? why do people end a relationship? don't they remember that feeling they used to have when they began this?'

But as time goes by, i can find the answer by myself. Because they just can't. They just don't meant to be together right now. But they may be back together in another phase of life later, or not together forever. One thing i learned, that they two may become strangers to each other, but they won't ever forget how they used to feel. They may forget things they did, but not the way they used to feel to each other.

It bothers me how this happened to almost everyone. How people can't just let go of the feeling they used to have. But yeah, that's how life goes by. We just need to accept how the universe works and set things up for us.

But well, it happened to almost everyone. Almost.