Thursday, December 16, 2010

E x a m s !

Errrr........just wanna say big sorry for my parents. Ya, my exams score isn't as good as in the last semester in the eight grader. Gaaah sorry mom, dad, i didn't do my best. I promise, i will study harder in the second semester. My Bahasa Indonesia & Biology score was really really disappointing. But i got a 100 on Physics! Haha. lil bit unpredictable i think..... and the other subjects, such as math, religion, and social studies wasn't as bad as Bahasa and Biology, yaaaaa.........about 90 laaah. Ok that's all, just wanted to share with y'all blogwalkin'. I'm not good at English, so..sorry if my grammar was really bad. See ya on the next post!

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